Why The Ribbon Blender Remains Popular


Still to this day, the ribbon blender remains popular. It is mainly due to its initial pricing, low maintenance requirements and low production costs, measured in accordance with each pound of product that needs to be produced by its user. Across the board, ribbon blenders continue to be used to blend just about anything imaginable. They are being used to blend pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food produce, fertilizer, stucco, clay, potting soils, paint, plastics and chemicals. Ribbon blenders continue to be manufactured in two distinct styles. Style one has a center bottom discharge, deemed to be the most popular and efficient scale to use. Style two has an end discharge. This takes care of discharging requirements at the end of the machine rather than at its center.

ribbon blenders

But all ribbon blenders have a counter current flow pattern inside of their blending chambers. This is designed to keep batches of materials blended at uniform heights during blending operations. Well designed ribbon blenders can manage fast speeds and they are also easy to load and unload. Ribbon blenders collectively designed and manufactured by its industry leaders will carry a written guarantee. The term to give a customer ‘more bang for his buck’ could not have been more apt, because the guarantee includes the ability to produce as many innovative and industry standard features as possible at the lowest cost possible to the customer.

Typical features of the best designed and manufactured ribbon blenders are its solid steel construction and its emphasis on upholding safety and sanitary standards. The sanitary design is certified. Once a ribbon blender has been manufactured it will be branded with permanently engraved safety stickers. Machines include safety switches on all its lids and split packing glands are sanitized.